this week is trash

i am going into the woods

"It’s never, never, never the woman’s fault. No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman. No means no. […] The one regret I have is we call it domestic violence as if it’s a domesticated cat. It is the most vicious form of violence there is, because not only the physical scars are left, the psychological scars that are left. This whole culture for so long has put the onus on the woman. What were you wearing? What did you say? What did you do to provoke? That is never the appropriate question."




So my cat is sleeping between my legs and then this happened and I laughed so hard he woke up.

that’s a potato

Your cat looks like an uncooked chicken


Some doodles of Hawke twins, because I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. I really wish we had more chance to see them interact with each other in the game.


✿ follow 4 more cute girls ✿


✿ follow 4 more cute girls 


p’li: *dies*


I’ll be mourning Cassandra literally forever. From my grave. From the frozen blackness of space after the universe slowly drifts apart/from the infinitely dense singularity after the universe collapses in on itself. Forever.


i’m finally watching KORRA like a PROPER ADULT

and basically turning off re: dragon age cause i’ve been defeated since they made cassandra straight

A message from Anonymous

Are you really Lana?

i’m the lana del rey of dogs with eyebrows


james franco gets busted for soliciting sex from an underage girl. media: franco made a mistake, and has apologized. he hopes to move past this incident and focus entirely on his career from now on.

jennifer lawrence’s nude photos are stollen from her phone. media: when will these actresses learn to control themselves?? this scandal has surely damaged what remains of her career!

a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult?

A message from Anonymous

I remember the days when games were about worlds you could explore and about being good, and not about who's got representation and gender this and sexuality that. I miss those days.


Those days miss you, too. I recently found a yellowed letter under one of the floorboards, and it was addressed to you and signed by those days with a tear-stained kiss of lipstick.

Meanwhile, in the present, those of us who work in the industry and who are—amazingly—able to consider more than one idea at the same time, will continue to create good games about worlds you can explore AND occasionally talk about inclusivity.

If you are feeling compassion fatigue, I think it might be okay to sit out those discussions, at least until you get your strength back. While it will be tough not having you available for close consultation, somehow we will soldier on.


Are you kidding me


Are you kidding me

  • Fandom: *leaps over Alistair, Wynne, and Cullen who are Pro-Circle*
  • Fandom: *somersaults over Bethany, Carver, Fenris and Sebastian who are Pro-Circle*
  • Fandom: * flips over Qunari and Shale who are Pro-torture of mages*
  • Fandom: I'm not going to like Vivienne because she's Pro-Circle.


Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever been a stripper?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever been to a strip club.

Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever done porn?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever watched porn.

You’re the reason we exist.
You’re the demand to our supply.
If you disdain sex workers, don’t you dare consume our labor.

As they say in the industry, “People jack off with the left hand and point with the right.”


Lux ATL (via stripperina)

No I fucking LOVE this.

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